The Journey

I don’t think there were any from my high school graduating class that were more
certain of what they were going to do with their life than I. I was going to be an
architect…plain and simple. As a high school senior, I was working for one of the largest
architectural firms in the city. It was my ticket to a better life and out of the West End of
Louisville. But something happened during that year that would forever impact my life.
After fulfilling a promise to my big sister to attend church, the message finally hit home.
The “Good News,” as it was called, did make sense to me, and now I had The Almighty
on my side. The more I studied the life and message of Jesus Christ, the more I was
intrigued. And the more I was intrigued with Christ, the more I became less confident of
my desire to become an architect. My life was going through a serious shaking, and I
wasn’t sure exactly what to do. I finally agreed to go one year to a college that prepared
ministers and missionaries for service. I figured one year there, and I then could get on
with my life studying to become an architect at the University of Kentucky. I could never
see myself as a pastor anyway, and I was sure that God was in agreement. For
instance, I would actually sit in the pew and look at the pastor and think, “How can
someone believe in God so much that he actually gets paid to do it?” I should not have
asked that question. After acquiring both a B.A. and M.A. in Biblical/Pastoral Studies,
my wife and I have planted two churches, revitalized two churches, pastored a large
thriving church, then left for Indianapolis to plant a third. No, I didn’t become an
architect, but I have been fortunate to design and build four churches and three homes.
I’ve taken teams of people on missions trips from Alaska to mainland China, from the
Amazon region of Brazil to Nepal and Bhutan, from Spain to Cuba, and even to the
Democratic Republic of Congo. Life has definitely been a journey. Sometimes I look
back at that seventeen-year-old kid with amazement. At age 17, he was making a
decision that would forever impact my future and my fortune. The older I become, the
more grateful I am for his determined commitment to seek fulfillment and calling.

I have deep gratitude for a wonderful wife that has been a tremendous partner on this
life’s trek. Our daughter, Ashley, is married and has given us two grandchildren. She
serves as an Assistant Principal at Valparaiso High School in Indiana. Our son, Daniel,
is working, attending college and lives in Lexington. Maybe he will be the one to
graduate from U of K?

Back home in Kentucky we are now planting our fourth church... and the journey

Well... that's my story. I'd like to hear yours. Meet me at the Crossing!

Be Blessed! Pastor Dan